Early Cretaceous stratigraphy, palaeogeography and life in by Vasicek Z., Michalic J.

By Vasicek Z., Michalic J.

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10) consists of remains of Lamellaptychus seranonis (COQUAND), I,. didayi (COQUAND), of the Zliechov Basin is represented only by aptychi Pseudobelus brevis PAQUER, Bochianites ex gr. with angular ribs: Lamellaptychus filicostatus filicooosteri S m . ) neo- status STeFANoV (PI. 24, Fig. 10) and L. a n p l comiensiformis (UIILIG), Haploceras desmoceratoides ocostatus (PETERS). The association of the Pseudothurmannia Beds WIEDMANN, Olcostephanus sp. and Crioceratites sp.. represents one of the richest West Carpathian Early Equivalent deposits in the Medziholie section (Mali Fatra Mts) contain, apart from f o m already Cretaceous ammonite assemblages of all (ADAM~KOVA mentioned, Lamellaptychus mendrisiensis RENZ & et al.

20). The lower one contains Pseudo(PI. 19, Fig. 5), P. , Plesiospiti- lhurmannia shankmiae SARKAR discus sp. and Lamellaptychus angulocostatus mortilleti (PICTET & LoRIoL), Crioceratites majoricensis (NOLAN),Cr. bineNi (ASTER), Cr. nolani (PETERS). , The Late Hauterivian cephalopod association of the WLIAN),Cr. ex gr. Barremites sp. and rare Anahamulina subcylindrica (PI. 20, Fig. 4), Acrioceras pulcherrimum Crioceratites duvali LEVEE& (Sayni Zone) and in the (D'ORBIGNY) (D'ORBIGNY) and A. seringei (ASTER).

12), brachiopods (PI. 13, Fig. 12). ichnofossils, foraminifers, nanno- and microplankton & MlCHALiK indicate a Late Haaterivian age (VAS~CEK 1986; BORZAEt al. 1987; ZIT & MICHAL~K 1988). This formation was depositcd at a rate of 20 25 mmka under hemipelagic conditions (Zoophycos ichnofacies) on a submarine plain beyond the continental slope. The LhEkwski Formation represents the youngest Lower Cretaceous (topmost Hauterivian-Barrcmian) hemipelagic limestone sediments in the Manin sequence at Butkov (Text-figs.

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