Catalysis in Micellar and Macromoleular Systems by Janos H. Fendler

By Janos H. Fendler

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9 1968; Kirschbaum, 1974). Like the critical micelle concentration, aggregation numbers are dependent on the concentration of surfactant, the presence of inorganic and organic additives and on the temperature. 35 Β. Thermodynamics and Theories of Micellization Increasing the concentration of the surfactant well above the critical micelle concentration usually results in an increase in the micellar size. Similarly the decrease in critical micelle concentration induced by additives is paralleled by an increase in the aggregation number.

From the behavior of the 240-300 nm bands, it appeared, therefore, that the solubilized naphthalene is in a region more polar than water, whereas the 220 and 310 nm bands indicated the opposite. This apparent contradiction was resolved by the suggestion that naphthalene is oriented between the hydrocarbon chains of the micelle in such a way that part of the molecule is near the polar head groups at the micelle surface and the other part is in the nonpolar hydrocarbon region. ,s-azobenzene was interpreted analogously.

1973). / . Colloid Interface Sei. 4 2 , 457. , and Yalkowsky, S. H. (1972). / . Pharm. Sei. 6 1 , 651. Chapter 3 Solubilization in Aqueous Micellar Solutions The term solubilization implies the formation of a thermodynamically stable isotropic solution of a substrate (the solubilizate), normally insoluble or only slightly soluble in a given solvent, by the addition of a surfactant (the solubilizer). Indeed, detergents have been utilized in several fields to enhance the solubility of organic compounds (McBain and Hutchinson, 1955; Schwartz et αϊ, 1958; Durham, 1961 ; Mulley, 1964; Swarbrick, 1965; Schick, 1967; Shinoda, 1967; Elworthy et αϊ, 1968).

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