Aluminium And Its Alloys by Grard C.

By Grard C.

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Between shoulders < Breadth 20 m m . [Thickness 1 mm. Area of cross section 20 sq. mm. Gauge l e n g t h = V 6 6 : 6 7 i = 3 6 m m . TYPE I C . (Length 100 m m . Between shoulders -J Breadth 20 mm. (Thickness 1-5 m m . Area of cross section 30 sq. mm. Gauge l e n g t h = v / 6 6 * 6 7 s = 4 5 mm. * These values are only approximate. , and the exact cross section calculated from these figures. 20 ALUMINIUM AND ITS ALLOYS ID. [Length 100 mm. Between shoulders \ Breadth 20 mm. [Thickness 2 mm. Area of cross section 40 sq.

TESTING LABORATORIES. The experiments on the variation of mechanical properties with cold work (thin series) and the cupping tests (both in t h e worked and annealed states) were carried out at the " Chalais M e u d o n " Laboratory. The experiments on the effect of annealing a t different temperatures after cold work were carried out at the Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers. Reports of the latter, experiments are given in the appendices. I . Variation of the Tensile Properties (Tensile Strength, Elastic Limit, and Elongation) with the amount of cold work.

Per sq. mm. (7*62 tons per sq. ). Tensile Strength : 14*0 kg. per sq. mm. (9-09 tons per sq. ) Elongation: 11 %. Cold work 100 % :— Elastic Limit: 14-0 kg. per sq. mm. (8-89 tons per sq. ). Tensile Strength : 15-0 kg. per sq. mm. (9-52 tons per sq. ) Elongation : 9 % . Cold work 300 % :— Elastic Limit: 17-5 kg. per sq. mm. (11-11 tons per sq. ). Tensile Strength: 18-0 kg. per sq. mm. (11 -43 tons per sq. ). Elongation: 6 %. (i) Merely cold working to the extent of 50 % has completely changed the properties of aluminium, and the Elongation has been reduced t o a quarter of its original value.

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