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Design of the universe;: The heavens and the earth

This can be the universe : infinity. area without
beginning, forever, darkish, empty, chilly .
Through the silent darkness of this area move
gleaming spheres, separated from one another by
inconceivable distances . round them, back inconceivably
far away, like bits of airborne dirt and dust misplaced in
immensity, circle smaller darkish spheres, receiving
light and lifestyles from their "mother suns . " One of
these little spheres, within the gentle of 1 of the
countless suns in unending area, is our earth . This
is man's domestic within the universe .

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As in the case of the sound waves these motions of water covered or passed over nearly all the waters of the earth. The waves progressing toward the west, crossed the Indian Ocean reaching to the coast of Hindostan, and Madagascar, and sweeping around the southern part of Africa, finally reached the coasts of France and England, as well as the eastern part of North and South America. Sweeping towards the east, they reached the coasts of Australia, New Zealand, and crossing the vast Pacific Ocean were felt at Alaska and the western coasts of North and South America.

The towns of Karang and Anjer, as well as numerous smaller villages, were almost completely destroyed. The seaport town of Anjer, by far the most important above towns, was almost completely swept away. The heavy stone lighthouse was so completely obliterated that no traces of its heavy stone foundations could afterwards be found. The Rev. Phillip Neale, formerly a British chaplain at Batavia, from whose account of the eruption of Krakatoa some of the above facts have been taken, tells of the brave action of the keeper of the lighthouse at Anjer.

Away by the We will not attempt to give at present any explanations as to the causes of this great volcanic eruption, since the different theories as to the cause of volcanoes will be better understood when other volcanic eruptions have been It is sufficient here to say that if a large quantity of water should have suddenly reached a great described. mass of molten rock, frightful explosive eruptions would have occurred, and if the island was resting on a submerged crater its sudden disappearance may be explained.

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