Ajs Review, 1995 No 2 by Robert Chacan

By Robert Chacan

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Leiden,E. J. Brill, 1974-77), esp. vol. 22. 89. This point is emphasizedby Neusner and Chilton in "Uncleannessin Formative Judaism,"pp. 81-85. 90. See, for example,M. AvodahZarah3:6. Generally,see Btichler,"TheDefilingForce of Sin in Post-BiblicalandRabbinicLiterature," in Studiesin SinandAtonement, pp. 270-374. 91. Thebestreviewof Gentileimpurityin tannaiticsourcesis Porton,Goyim,pp. 269-283. Porton,however,deals with the MishnahandToseftaas a unit,while for this topic,it is better to deal with themseparately.

Negaim 2:14-15, 7:10, 7:15). Similarly,Gentile corpses do not convey impurityby carriage for them"(T. (T. 114As in the Mishnah,Gentiledwellingplaces are considered impure(T. The most importanttext in the Toseftawith regardto Gentileimpurityis T. Zabim2:1, whichstatesthat"Gentiles(0311), the proselyte('•1),and the residentalien (rvin) do not convey flux-impurity. "While no single principleunderliesthe Mishnah,for theToseftathefollowingprincipleholds: Gentilesarenot susceptibleto Israeliteimpurities,buttheydefilenonetheless.

877-878). See n. 6 above. 128. Alon, "LeviticalUncleannessof Gentiles,"pp. 156-158. 129. The decree(s)may or may not have explicitlyplacedGentilesin the legal category of the zab. While most of the sourcesagreewith this analogy,a few (B. Shabbat83b and B. AvodahZarah36b) questionthe point. Since flux impurityis a severeformof impurity,it is possibleto explainthe "traces"of impurityfoundin the Mishnahas echoes of such a decree, for flux impurityaffectsblood,urine,andspittle. IN ANCIENTJUDAISM GENTILE IMPURITY 311 and more of its ramificationsfound theirway into these texts.

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