Adverbials and the Phase Model (Linguistik Aktuell by Petr Biskup

By Petr Biskup

This monograph addresses matters, levels and adverbials. It proposes that there's a correlation among the section constitution, the tripartite quantificational constitution and the knowledge constitution of the sentence. This correlation performs a big function not just in referential and information-structural homes of arguments and the verb but additionally in adverbial houses. for example, the learn indicates that definite sentence adverbials can ensue within the sentence-final place within the vice chairman section after they characterize the extraordinary worth with recognize to the set of concentration possible choices. The proposed correlation additionally turns into vital in anaphoric family with appreciate to adjuncts. basically an R-expression spelled out and interpreted within the CP part of an accessory clause can corefer with the coindexed pronoun. The research additionally discusses adverbial ordering and exhibits that the relative order of convinced adverbials will be reversed in the event that they take place in numerous stages. The monograph will attract syntacticians and linguists drawn to the connection among syntax and its interfaces.

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Thus, the existential interpretation is restricted to elements in the vP-internal positions, concretely, to weakly quantified DPs that introduce a free variable that is bound by the existential closure. Strongly quantified DPs and weakly quantified DPs with the presuppositional interpretation that are overtly inside vP are QR-ed and interpreted in the restrictive clause of the appropriate operator. This is in line with the proposal that the vP phase is mapped into the nuclear scope and the CP phase into the restrictive clause of the tripartite quantificational structure when the clause is transferred to the semantic interface.

B. zastřelila psa]. ’ c. #Marie psa [vP odpoledne zastřelila]. ’ As shown in (15b), when the direct object psa ‘dog’ occurs in situ in vP, it can be interpreted existentially. , in the case where Marie went hunting with a few friends in the afternoon and shot a dog by accident. It could be a hunting dog from the village or any other dog from the neighbourhood. Therefore speaker (15a) can continue: Jakého psa? ’ The existential interpretation here arises because the object introduces a free variable and is interpreted in the vP phase at the semantic interface, which means that the variable, occurring in the nuclear scope, is bound by the existential closure.

We have seen that backgrounding implies specificity and that specificity does not imply backgrounding. Thus, backgrounding seems to be a good candidate for the feature triggering movement to the CP phase. However, in the model proposed here, interpretation results from the syntactic configuration. For instance, elements occurring in the CP phase are interpreted as backgrounded and specific only because they are present there when the phase is transferred to the interfaces. g. Chomsky (2001), who argues that a computational system should be ‘dumb’ in this respect).

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