Advanced Paediatric Life Support: The Practical Approach, by Advanced Life Support Group

By Advanced Life Support Group

This overseas bestseller covers the complete complicated paediatric existence aid direction, with the middle sections for the abbreviated one-day path truly picked out. The publication offers functional suggestions for dealing with childrens and babies within the first life-threatening "golden" hour. This new version is going past instant administration to incorporate stabilisation and move.

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In small infants, a suction catheter and a Y-piece are often preferred, but are less capable of removing vomit. Portable suction devices are required for resuscitation in remote locations, and for transport to and from the resuscitation room. These are usually battery powered. Tracheal suction catheters These may be required after intubation to remove bronchial secretions or aspirated fluids. g. for a 3-mm tube the correct suction catheter is a French gauge 6. Cricothyroidotomy cannulae and ventilation systems Purpose-made cricothyroidotomy cannulae are available, usually in three sizes: 12-gauge for an adult, 14-gauge for a child and 18-gauge for a baby.

16. 16. 17). If the child is large it may be necessary to kneel astride him or her. The heel of one hand is placed against the child’s abdomen above the umbilicus and below the xiphisternum. The other hand is placed on top of the first, and both hands are thrust sharply upwards into the abdomen, with care being taken to direct the thrust in the midline. This is repeated five times unless the object causing the obstruction is expelled before that. 17. Abdominal thrusts 34 BASIC LIFE SUPPORT Note that lay people are recommended to perform relief of choking manoeuvres only in conscious infants and children.

Reassessment following placement is therefore a vital part of safe insertion of an airway device. Techniques for insertion are described in Chapter 20. 2. The nasopharyngeal airway is often better tolerated than the Guedel airway. It is contraindicated in fractures of the anterior base of the skull. It may also cause significant haemorrhage from the vascular nasal mucosa. A suitable length can be estimated by measuring from the tip of the nose to the tragus of the ear. An appropriate diameter is one that just fits into the nostril without causing sustained blanching of the alae nasi.

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