Advanced Applied Stress Analysis by C.T.F. Ross

By C.T.F. Ross

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B. 3 and as shorln in Fig. 14, but the more complex forms of Fig. 15. The determination of the correct forms of Fig. 15 is beyond the scope of this book, and the reader is referred to more advanced works on this topic [3-7]. In both figures, the size of the arrows is related to the magnitude of the shearins stresses. 14. Incorrect shear stress distributions due to bending. Shear Stresses in Benrling and Shear Deflections 58 lch. 2 Fig. 15. CoEect shear stress distributiotrs due to b€Dditrg. 4 YERTICAL SHEARING STRESS IN A SECTION OF COMPLEX SHAPE A beam of the section in Fig.

Fig. 9. Circular section. r Ch. 2 VERTICAL SHEARING STRESS DISTRIBUTION IN A CIRCULAR SECTION Calculate and sketch the vertical shearing stress distribution in a horizontal beam of circular section, subjected to the shearing force F, shown in Fig. 9. 3,2 Let, r : vertical shearing stress at any distance y from NA (Fig. 10) FT :;lY'de utl Fig. o) Shear Stresses in Bending anrt Shear Deflections 54 [ch. 5) which, again, is a parabolic distribution, as shown in Fig. 11. l1. 3 YERTICAL SHEARING STRESS DISTRIBUTION IN A TRIANGULAR SECTION Calculate and sketch the distribution of vertical shearing stress triangular section of Fig.

YlI Fig. 17. Cross-section of cantilever. e. '";-- +'--':-:o or [ch. 31) L,. u ___::tand _: 11 rvv :tanp where p is defined in Fig. 1'18. 32) tzn9llyv) Fig. 538 7) The direction of the neutral axis is shown in Fig. 19, and the largest stress due to bending will occur at a point on the section which is at the furthest perpendicular distance from the n€utral axis (NA). oFig. 19, it can be seen that the furthest perpendicular distance from NA is at the point "B". 0789 m where, as,us, etc. 19. ch. 2(b) is subjected to the uniformly distributed load shown in Fig.

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