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Interaction of Morphology and Syntax: Case Studies in Afroasiatic

The current quantity bargains with hitherto unexplored concerns at the interplay of morphology and syntax. those chosen and invited papers quite often main issue Cushitic and Chadic languages, the least-described individuals of the Afroasiatic kinfolk. 3 papers within the quantity discover a number of typological features throughout a whole language relatives or department, whereas others specialise in one or languages inside of a relations and the consequences in their buildings for the relatives, the phylum, or linguistic typology as a complete.

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Poyo We are tempted to conclude on the basis of these observations that p-Lenition is younger generation. no longer a live rule for the Assuming this to be the case we would find it very natural for there to be doublets involving relics of the earlier stage. i-voko]. The point is this: younger generation speakers have both forms in their speech. i-voko] represents a relic. this is Furthermore, --and not altogether surprising--a meaning difference has arisen. The form [ 7 i-voko] now translates as [ 7 i-poko] translates either 'my whereas If we conclude that p-Lenition is dog' 'my automobile', or 'my pet'.

The oblique ending, offers independent for example, evidence for the proposal that it ends in /a/ underlyingly-- the evidence is the oblique form of the indefinite inanimate singular determiner /hita/ which, for reasons which we do not An fully understand, fails to undergo the deletion process. , 'coyote', /hoona-wi/ is normally pronounced without its final vowel when it appears word-finally; hence, [ 2 iisaw], [hoonaw], lying vowel is [c88viw]. apparent, But the reality of this under- for example, in since the oblique ending (whose alternant these forms) Deletion.

There are, however, forms for which the stranding test does not provide evidence for an internal #-boundary but which have exceptional stress placement in exactly the same sense as do the future and nomic forms considered above. These in- clude, for example, words formed from disyllabics by means of the case endings [-t] (

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