Ace Your Human Biology Science Project by Robert Gardner

By Robert Gardner

How do joints paintings? How do feel receptors paintings? What kind of character do you've got? study the solutions to those questions and extra with the thrill experiments during this publication. younger scientists will discover human physique platforms and behaviour. Many experiments comprise principles you should use on your technology reasonable. find out about the clinical technique, too!

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How do the two compare with regard to flexibility? Hold the ends of each straw as shown in Figure 6. Which straw provides greater flexibility? To see why it is advantageous to have many vertebrae, cut a third straw into three pieces and run a string through it. How does its flexibility compare with the straw that has ten or twelve segments? MOVABLE JOINTS Most joints in your body are movable, but some provide a greater range of movement than others. The ends of bones in movable joints are covered by cartilage, and a membrane-enclosed fluid (synovial fluid) lies between them.

The lower end of the femur articulates with the tibia (shinbone), the larger of the two bones of the lower leg. You can feel the entire front side of the tibia. Start just below the patella and follow it to its bulblike end on the inner (medial) side of your leg beside the ankle. The bulblike end of the tibia, the medial malleolus, has its complement on the other side of the ankle—the lateral malleolus. However, the lateral malleolus is the lower end of the fibula, which lies on the outer (lateral) side of your leg.

Design a means of measuring the front-to-back thickness of your friend’s chest and abdomen following a deep inhalation and a forceful expiration. As you have seen, your abdomen and chest both grow in circumference when you inhale. Your diaphragm, which separates your chest and abdominal cavities, contracts, pushing your stomach and other organs in your abdomen downward. At the same time, the intercostal muscles in your chest lift your ribs upward and outward. The result of these movements increases the size of your chest and lungs.

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