A Hat to Fit Bun by Joanne Wachter illustrated by Laura Logan

By Joanne Wachter illustrated by Laura Logan

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Had many dislocated jaws. Now lost marriage, lost work, lost health and life totally stuffed up trying to sort out the mess now. In a group of seven close acquaintances, all respectable middle class so called ‘normal’ women only one has not been molested; all unreported. I think you will find your statistics (1 in 4) are much higher than you realise unfortunately. We don’t ever discuss it among ourselves and the one lucky unmolested friend has no idea that she is the only ‘clean’ one amongst us.

After I married it caused major marital difficulties for some years but my husband saw me through with great love. (Female raped by father at age 17) • As my life was threatened this rape was repressed from conscious memory. Hereafter I was very depressed, suicidal, lots and lots of fears, nightmares, phobias. Bottom of the class at school. Barely even spoke. Memories became fully conscious during nine years of psychotherapy. There are more assaults I know, from the fragments of memory, dreams I haven’t placed.

He kept calling me and saying he was sorry, not to tell anyone and he won’t do it again. I came up to a man watering his yard and asked where I was etc and he said I think it was [name of place] I forget which place it was now I think it was so long ago. ’ By now [Name] had caught up to me and said, ‘My daughter panicked as we were lost. ’ And I was always brought up not to pimp or tell tales. My mother always drummed that into me so I said all right. I was working and I was very upset still and one morning a few days later I packed a small bag with a few items and went to work.

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