A guided tour through my bibliography by Gautschi W.

By Gautschi W.

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What we do see is a small group of professionals whose career was shaped by the public policy education model still practicing under that paradigm. We also have a small next generation group that has been mentored by that group as well. Relatively recently, we have the small number of individuals who have emerged in fields that are central to technically complex policy issues like energy and climate change who also desire to become involved in the policy process. This group could begin to be linked with others who do what may be more like traditional public policy education on a narrower set of issues in which they develop some basic expertise, but more importantly they develop links to the subject matter specialists referred to above.

S. Agriculture? Emanating from the North Central Public Policy Committee, the educational materials produced had a Midwest bias. But policy educators such as Paxton Marshall and me at Virginia Tech as well as those from other regions were easily able to adapt the template to fit the particular issues and commodities in our region. It is a shame that a remake of this project was not undertaken to focus on the massive structural adjustments that occurred in the 1990s. Following Who Will Control U.

Under the pretense of protecting animal rights, this group vehemently lobbied against the right of a horse owner to humanely end the life of his or her own horse, under the supervision of a veterinarian, because they were opposed to the human consumption of meat by anyone in the world. In this case and others like it, policy makers were influenced by emotion, not fact. Members of Congress and the Illinois Legislature and Governor who believe, they say, in personal property rights were quick to join an impassioned frenzy to deny that right to the owners of one particular species.

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