A Grammar of Lamaholot, Eastern Indonesia by Kunio Nishiyama & Herman Kelen

By Kunio Nishiyama & Herman Kelen

This publication describes a grammar (mainly morphology and syntax) of the Lewoingu dialect of Lamaholot, an Austronesian language (Central-Malayo-Polynesian subgroup) spoken through 150,000 ~ 200,000 humans at the japanese tip of Flores and the encompassing region in japanese Indonesia. Lamaholot has 35 dialects, and even though there are a few descriptions and dictionaries for different dialects, the Lewoingu dialect hasn't ever been defined prior to. the outline during this booklet is essentially theory-neutral, and analyses are saved to a minimal. This paintings can be of curiosity to descriptive linguists and Austronesian experts, specifically simply because languages of jap Indonesia more often than not are poorly documented and family of a number of dialects of Lamaholot are poorly understood. Typologists and theoretical linguists will be drawn to targeted contract in Lamaholot, the place contract emerges not just on verbs and adjectives, but in addition on adverbs, numerals, a preposition, or even at the conjunction ('and'). Theoreticians can be attracted to the bankruptcy on resumptive pronouns, that's an extraordinary description of the phenomena in Austronesian languages and exhibits that Lamaholot essentially stocks normal homes of resumptive pronouns present in Irish and Semitic languages. additionally of curiosity are possessive structures, the place the possessor may be both pronominal or postnominal, and every different has bizarre constraints.

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