A Contemporary Mind and Other Crimes by B'Ryan

By B'Ryan

This e-book is a liberal arts degree
for those who didn't have the time
to get a Masters.

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The escapades of the Caribbean buccaneers were the only beacons of freedoms left, after the natives’ natural happiness was destroyed and slavery’s shackled bodies and imprisoned minds expunged living. Fortuitous pirating transferred wealth that allowed them to experience the sweet life of independent means. This free spirited living enabled the common man to broaden his dreams, while grasping the truest wealth of the privileged, options and choices with discretion over decision-making. Independent individuals symbolized raw potentials and proved the strength of diversity, which exposed elitism’s selfish conceits and greed’s gains as arbitrary contrivances that were made real by the social architecture that produces ideological subjects with complying mentalities through conditioning or violence required.

Businesses are just inert sets of abstractions, which their proponents’ goals, directorship and motivations define. Eco- 45 B'RYAN politico philosophies are mixtures of overstated goals, misstated motives and understated consequences. Socio-economic terms are meaningless generalizations without accompanying descriptive qualifications that state the socio priorities and political means intended to deliver these conjectural aspirations. The informative specifics are lost to public view by PR’s assumptions, purposed misdirection and overgeneralized confusion.

Except in el caribeño’s history. Smuggling is Trade that Avoids Officialdom’s Contrivances –Consorting for greater gain is human nature. The earliest expression of large-scale organized human greed was in the aggressions of tribal units. When tribute to the might of authority was extracted, taxes were born. Organized crime started as conquest. The state started on the regular tribute extorted from peaceful peasants by the more aggressive and violent marauding herdsmen. Taxes are the historic constant that finance the tax collecting and spending social order, which caries the surcharges of authority’s corruptions that compel gain to the few; society’s non-working silent partners in the efforts of others.

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